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Melissa Buening

Hi! I'm Melissa Buening, Founder and Head Unicorn of Rainbows and Unicorns Agency

Over 10 years of working with over 30 startups has taught me how marketing and sales teams need to work together to achieve the goals of a business, how to put the processes and tools in place that marketing and sales teams need in order to transfer knowledge and information, and how to execute the marketing and sales initiatives (oftentimes being the sole/first marketer and/or salesperson within a startup). I'm a strategist, planner, and doer.

My Services

I work with startup founders on their marketing and sales needs.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

I can create a unified marketing and sales strategy for your startup that will help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing and Sales Processes

I can put the marketing and sales processes in place for your startup that will ensure your marketing and sales teams stay in sync.

Marketing and Sales Tools

I can select and implement the tools your startup needs for marketing and sales.

Marketing Campaign Execution

I can set up and manage your startup's marketing campaigns.

Sales Enablement

I can equip your startup's sales team with the content, training, and coaching they need to convert leads and close deals.

Marketing and Sales Analytics

I can evaluate the success of your startup's marketing and sales initiatives.

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Some of the Companies Melissa Has Worked With

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Melissa has worked with over 30 startups in a variety of industries including SaaS, edtech, social commerce, e-commerce, subscription boxes, fintech, leadership, beauty, public speaking, medtech, apparel, and more on marketing and sales initiatives.

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Some of the Tools Melissa Has Used for Marketing and Sales

Startup Tools

Melissa's Experience Selecting and Implementing Marketing and Sales Tools Can Give Your Startup a Headstart

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I'm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and am able to work with startups anywhere in the world virtually.

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