My Services

I work with startup founders on their marketing and sales needs.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

I can create a unified marketing and sales strategy for your startup that will help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing and Sales Processes

I can put the marketing and sales processes in place for your startup that will ensure your marketing and sales teams stay in sync.

Marketing and Sales Tools

I can select and implement the tools your startup needs for marketing and sales.

Marketing Campaign Execution

I can set up and manage your startup's marketing campaigns.

Sales Enablement

I can equip your startup's sales team with the content, training, and coaching they need to convert leads and close deals.

Marketing and Sales Analytics

I can evaluate the success of your startup's marketing and sales initiatives.

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Do you do content marketing?

Yes! I can research, write, publish, and distribute a variety of content including blog posts, case studies, one pagers/handouts, infographics, videos, whitepapers, and research reports.

Can you run paid ads?

Yes! I can run paid ads for your startup on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google.

Do you build and manage websites?

Yes! I love building and managing websites. I typically build new websites on no code platforms like Dorik, but I can also build websites on WordPress if necessary.

Do you know EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)?

Yes! I have helped several startups self-implement EOS. I am not a Professional EOS Implementer®.

Are you willing to train my marketing and sales teams?

Yes! I typically train marketing and sales teams how to use the tools that have been set up. 

Can you help me with trade show marketing?

Yes! I can help you design and order everything you need for your booth at a trade show.

Do you design logos?

Yes! I can design your logo and do your branding.

Do you work with B2B and B2C companies?


What is the largest deal you helped a startup get?

Over $1,000,000.

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I'm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and am able to work with startups anywhere in the world virtually.

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