Ecommerce Movers and Shakers

A Database of Ecommerce Tools and Articles to Help Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Melissa created a website and app to help ecommerce entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow their businesses. The website was built by Melissa using Dorik and the app was built by Melissa using Dorik and Airtable. She designed all of the logos and created all of the articles.

Ecommerce Movers and Shakers
Ecommerce Movers and Shakers Web App

Web App Using Airtable as a Database

Melissa created a web app for Ecommerce Movers and Shakers with Dorik using Airtable as a database. New ecommerce tools can easily be added to the app by creating a new record in the Airtable base.

Tools Used

Dorik, Airtable, Pory, Mailchimp, Illustration Kit, Adobe Illustrator

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