The Minnesota Nice Company

The Minnesota Nice Company

A Minnesota-Inspired Apparel and Accessories Ecommerce Shop

Melissa created a brand and ecommerce store to change the perception of the term "Minnesota Nice". The ecommerce site was built on Shopify and all of the products were sourced using dropshipping apps. Model imagery used on the website was created using Placeit.

The Minnesota Nice Company
The Minnesota Nice Company Automations

Automations to Print, Embroider, and Ship Products

Melissa used the teelaunch app and Spreadshirt Print on Demand app to automatically print and ship products. The Printful app was used to automatically print, embroider, and ship products.

Tools Used

Shopify, teelaunch, Spreadshirt Print on Demand, Printful, Placeit, Mailchimp, Pixelpop, Adobe Illustrator, and Klickly

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